Become the professor

via Daily Prompt: Lecture



Many college professors give lectures to students about a particular topic.   We stand in front of students, business associates, clients, presenting an educational talk about a particular subject.  Our goal is share information that helps the audience.

I realized that each of us give lectures everyday about our goals, mission, and values.   We may not stand in front of a classroom, but we share our knowledge with family members, friends, business associates, and church members.

As you continue to focus on your goals and visions in 2018, begin to create your own educational lecture that defines your knowledge, strengths, skills, and gifts.  When you have identified what you do well and are able to share your knowledge with family members, friends and others, you will become the professor to those that you reach.  Breathe life into yourself, thus breathing life into others.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall



Simplify your life

via Daily Prompt: Simplify


Hello Everyone,

Sometimes, activities such as cleaning the house, cleaning out the closet, going to work, going to church, or spending time with your family, can really complicate your life.  As you continue to strategize for 2018, I recommend 7 tips for simplifying your life.

  1. Be specific about the projects you want to complete and connect them to your overall goals for 2018.
  2. Review your 2018 goals at the beginning of each month.  This allows you the opportunity to track your progress, and make the necessary changes as it relates to your 2018 success plan.
  3. Create a morning routine that allows you to get out of the house on time.
  4. Pack lunches and layout wardrobes for you and the family the night before.
  5. Use a planner to track important family events.   This helps to make sure you do not miss something important to your family (baseball game, soccer game, recital, or spouse’s birthday), and it helps to make sure prioritize events.
  6. Carry a water bottle with you every morning, to make sure you stay hydrated.
  7.  Find 15 minutes throughout your day where you can listen to a podcast, audio book, or do something for yourself.   Fifteen minutes for yourself,  can help provide the energy you need to complete the rest of your day.

Simplify your life, and stay on track with your goals for 2018.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall