Teacher, Hero, or Ruler – What Type of Leader are You?

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Leadership is an amazing subject that impacts the human experience.  The idea that leaders can only add influence by being charismatic is fading.   Leadership has an impact on social influence, and based on this influence everyone has a chance to lead.   The reason why leadership is so important, is becuase through ideas and deeds, leaders impact the behavior of others.

The question for everyone is determining what type of leader you want to be.   Through my continual research of this topic, I have come across many terms that describe leaders, and I have often written about transformational, transactional, and autocratic leaders.   Transformational leaders, inspire others to act.  Transactional leaders focus more on the interactions they have with their followers, and finally, autocratic leaders who maintain a tight control over their members or subordinates.

Today, I want to present three different types of leaders and they are, teachers, heroes, and rulers.   Teachers, often rule breakers, are some of our best value creators.   Heroes lead us to great causes and are responsible for noble works.   Finally, we have rulers, who are motivated by their need for power and the domination of others.

As individuals we can all learn the good and bad qualities from these types of leadership styles.  My point in sharing this message today, is to remind everyone that we need leaders who understand their social influence and their ability to empower the current generation and the generations to follow.  Therefore, think about the leaders who have influenced you and determine if you are headed in the right direction.  Remember, as leaders, it is important for us to encourage everyone with potential to make a difference in whatever environment they choose to lead in.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


Make It Count


We have all heard the phrase “make it count” but do we really know what it means.  When you hear the words make it count, you might be thinking that you should make your life count for something, focus on the positive and live each day to the fullest.   All of those phrases are true.  However, I want to offer a different perspective on making it count.

When I hear the words “make it count” I focus on three key areas, which are, resources, time and opportunity.   When  I think about resources, I want you to focus on the people that exist within your inner circle, and the talent and skills that you possess that support your goals.  Also, I want you to focus on the excitement and passion that you receive from helping others and the motivation that comes from making your life count.

When you think about time,  I want you to make sure you are not wasting time, but maximizing every moment.   When you maximize your time, you can focus on your goals, time with family, time for business, work or school, and time for serious self reflection.   You recognize the importance of time management, and you prioritize your tasks wisely.  Also, you recognize the need to volunteer your time to meaningful and purposeful pursuits and not wasteful meanderings.  The reason why I am hammering this point home is becuase, time is a precious commodity.  Understanding this fact, we should all examine how we spend our time as it relates to achieving our goals, and maximizing our living.   My mind goes to a famous quote, which states, “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”- Benjamin Franklin.

Finally, I think about opportunity, and its relationship to preparation.   Opportunity allows you to do something.   The key to taking advantage of opportunity, is the preparation that takes place beforehand.  Therefore, as you think about the goals you want to achieve, ask yourself this question.  How am I preparing for my opportunities?  For example, if you own your own business, what is the elevator pitch that you will give when you run into a perspective client?  If you are looking for a new job, how can you define your skills, when asked by an interviewer.  If you are a minister, waiting to preach your next sermon, are you ready?

My mind goes to the workshops and courses I teach on leadership, human resources management, small business administration and leadership.   Without preparation, I would not be able to deliver training at the highest level, or at any given moment.   I had to prepare myself to take advantage of these opportunities.

As you navigate this year, I want you to focus on “making it count” by examining your resources, your time, and your opportunities.  When you maximize these three areas, you are opening the door to maximizing your living and “making it count.”

Best wishes for success,

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Your 2019 Vision

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Are you ready to achieve more in 2019? Create a vision board.  Many people have received great results using a vision board to help them visualize their goals. A vision board is a collage you put together with images, affirmations and other items to help you visualize your goals.  In my recent vision board workshop, I shared with the attendees a strategy for achieving success.  I wanted them to understand, that their vision was more than items on a board.   It was important that they follow the vision with a clear plan.   For those of you thinking about creating a vision board for your 2019 goals, I want to share the smart principle with you.  The Smart Principle stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

As you navigate 2019, it is important that you set clear goals, and review and revise your plan accordingly.   Here are some tips I recommend:

  1.  Be specific about your goals.   As you identify your goals for the year, determine what goal is important for 2019, and what goal is important for 2020.  Also, make sure that these are your goals and not someone else’s.
  2. Create a plan that allows you to measure success.  Also, determine what tracking mechanism you will use?
  3. Identify goals that are attainable.  If your goal is to start a business, what steps must you take to achieve success?
  4. Create goals that are realistic and start the process.  If you want to go back to school, it is important that you choose a school and enroll.
  5. Set a time limit for completion.

When you use a process for your goals, you provide yourself a method for achieving success.   We all can struggle to achieve goals, however when we have a clear direction, we allow ourselves the best opportunity for success.   Please enjoy a video I created on the smart principle.

Stay focused, stay committed.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall