2018 Reflection, 2019 Focus

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Hello everyone,

We are fastly approaching the end of the year, and it is important for all of us to conduct a year in review and celebrate our 2018 accomplishments and strategize for 2019.      Therefore, I want you to find a journal or notebook and list all the things you have accomplished this year, and the items you know you will accomplish by December 31st.   As you make this list and begin your review, ask yourself a couple questions?

  1.  What stands out as it relates to your accomplishment.
  2. What seemed impossible at the beginning of the year, but now is now on your list of successes.
  3. What were some of your biggest lessons.

As you begin to focus on the year ahead, think about December 31, 2019, and identify the goals you want completed.   When you identify the goals you want completed by the end of the year, you know what you must focus on throughout the year.

Finally, as we complete the year, I want you to take your lists of accomplishments and celebrate youself.   When you celebrate your accomplishments, you connect to your success, reflect on your mistakes,  remind yourself of your gifts and strengths, and most importantly, remind yourself that you are able to achieve what you desire.

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It’s time to execute your vision.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Live Life to the Fullest

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Hello everyone,

Can you believe it, we are quickly approaching the end of the year.   Today, I had time to think about my 2018 goals and determined, that I had a pretty good year.   I began to think about all the goals I accomplished, and the few goals that are still on my list.   I realized that one of my strategies was living life to the fullest.

As I sit here thinking about what living life to the fullest truly means, I want to share my Version of this today.

  1. Do not allow others to control you.  It is important that you make the rules.
  2. Follow your own path.  Sometimes we allow other people’s opinions to derail our  progress.  We allow them to determine our steps.   When they determine your steps they control your destiny.
  3. Take chances on yourself.  One of my goals this year was to create an online course.  It required a lot of commitment but I finished, and now the course is available on Udemy.   Now I am working on my second course.   I took a chance on myself and it paid off.
  4. Identify something that scares you, and make a conscious effort to overcome it.   When you face that fear, you free yourself to move forward.   This may require a change in jobs, relationships or business opportunities.
  5. Let go of past hurts and mistakes, so you can grow.   At the beginning of the year, I put some experiences and some people behind me.   I knew that the only way for me to move forward with my business goals, was to let go of some pain and press toward my purpose.   It was the best decision I ever made.

As we wrap up the year, think about some of the things that you can still do to move forward with your life.   Make an effort to accomplish one goal and use that achievement as a jump start to your successful 2019.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Look beyond the wall

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In a few days I will celebrate another birthday and I have taken some time to reflect on all the goals I accomplished this year.   As I reviewed this current chapter in my life, I recognized the impact of faith and the ability to see beyond the wall.  I also determined that one of my keys for success was positive thinking.

Let me share my version of a story I read, written by John Mason, a noted speaker and executive coach, with you.   A shoe manufacturer sends two salesmen to an Island to investigate and report back on market conditions.   The first salesman states, “no one here wears shoes, so there is no market potential, let’s look somewhere else.”    The second salesman calls back and says “there is massive potential here because no one here wears shoes; please send me some shoes right away.”   The story provides several examples.   The first example is one salesman lacked vision and could not see beyond what was in front of him.   The other salesman applied positive thinking, and looked beyond the current condition and saw opportunity.

When we are open to possibilities, we can expect greater success.  When we limit ourselves, we limit possibilities.   Every year, we add a chapter to the book which defines our lives, and it is up to us to add purpose and significance to our story.

When we operate from a point of limitations, we hinder our ability to achieve greatness.  As humans, we all may experience some setbacks, but it is how we respond to the setbacks that is extremely important.   As I evaluate my own chapter this year,  I had to look beyond the wall, and embrace possibilities.

Attached to this post, is a link to a podcast I released recently on, “Writing your story”.  Today, I want you to apply faith and look beyond the wall. Why? Because that’s where all the possibilities live.


Dr.  Regina Banks-Hall

Fall Forward Your Purpose is Waiting for You.

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Often people focus on past mistakes becuase they believe that the past controls the future.   They allow the memory of past failures to hinder their future.  However, mistakes and past experiences are often the best teachers.  Think about it, people who have never made a mistake in their life, may not have made anything else.   Think about some people you know that are picture perfect.  I have learned from my past failures, that it was important to pick myself up, learn from the experience and keep moving.   I was not failing, I was falling forward.

Failure is a situation that can be corrected if the person who has failed is willing to push forward.  Thomas Edison who failed hundreds of times before he invented the light bulb stated, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  Some of the worst phrases we can make are as follows:  I could, I should, and I would.   The reason for these sayings, connects back to a fear of failure.  Therefore, set a goal to uncover the valuable lessons learned from your failures, and try one more time.  Remember you are not failing, you are falling forward.

If you would like to learn more about creating a coaching accountability partnership, please visit our website at http://www.rbankshall, and send an email to training@rbankshall.com

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Branching out into a new direction.

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cherry-tree-fruit-nature-63312.jpegWe are in the third month of the year, and it is time to review your 2018 success plan.   I have found through one-on-one coaching sessions this year, that fear keeps us from moving forward.  Today, I want everyone to know that fear is an opportunity to create success.

In order to achieve our dreams, we have to consider ourselves a tree that is rooted in principle, purpose, and passion.   We have many branches on the tree, that allows room for growth.   Therefore, utilize the branches available on your tree, and expand your interests and activities into a new direction.  When we take a new direction, we begin to embrace, expand, and cultivate the gifts we have.   Branch out today in a new direction and watch yourself soar.   What new direction will you take today?

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Become the professor

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Many college professors give lectures to students about a particular topic.   We stand in front of students, business associates, clients, presenting an educational talk about a particular subject.  Our goal is share information that helps the audience.

I realized that each of us give lectures everyday about our goals, mission, and values.   We may not stand in front of a classroom, but we share our knowledge with family members, friends, business associates, and church members.

As you continue to focus on your goals and visions in 2018, begin to create your own educational lecture that defines your knowledge, strengths, skills, and gifts.  When you have identified what you do well and are able to share your knowledge with family members, friends and others, you will become the professor to those that you reach.  Breathe life into yourself, thus breathing life into others.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall



Are you allergic to success?


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I was reading an article on the internet about New Year’s Resolutions.   Many people create them, but often drop them by February.   I believe goals are important, because they provide a blueprint to follow, and encourage everyone to create them.  I have met people who have achieved success without them, because they knew someone or just in the right place at the right time.   However, I have also met people who I believe give up on goals, because they are allergic to success.

Success is tricky, because we often measure it based on other people’s success and not our own.  We also allow individuals in the workplace to diminish our value and skills, because they are threatened.  Finally, we stay in jobs we do not like because we are comfortable, or because someone has told us our success in their hands.

We may be allergic to success.   In order for us to move forward this year, we will have to embrace change and take a risk on ourselves.  We will must also, define our definition of success.

Therefore, do not become allergic to creating a better life for yourself, but become allergic to the people standing in your way.   When you see the haters or naysayers coming your way, move away because you do not want to catch what they have.   Surround yourself with positive people and know what the mind can believe, with hard work, determination and commitment; it can achieve.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


2018 and no reservations


Success Pyramid Showing Vision Ambition Execution And Determination Well 2018, and this year presents an opportunity for us to write our book, start a new business, or find a new job.  However, with every new idea that is designed to move us forward, doubt can sometimes keep us from moving forward.

Listed below are three steps that will keep us on track, and we can complete our goals in 2018.

  1. Keep a positive attitude about success.   In order to move forward with our goals and dreams, we must develop a positive attitude.   Maintaining a positive attitude is critical, because when we encounter setbacks, we are still positive and hopeful about success.
  2. Find a mentor.  Mentors can provide feedback on your ideas, and coach you towards your vision.   Therefore, chose your mentor wisely.
  3. Visualize success.   When I was working on my doctorate degree, I visualized myself wearing the hat and the robe.  That visualization was important during the critical stages of completing the degree.   Create a mental vision of your idea, business opportunity, etc., and maintain that vision whenever you feel hesitant about success.

As we start navigating this year, we will experience doubt as it relates to our vision.  We  experience doubt because the vision is often greater then ourselves and benefits others.  However, if you can maintain a positive attitude about your opportunities, find a good mentor, and visualize success you can achieve anything you desire.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

2017 What I learned, and What I will do in 2018.

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Fireworks isolated on black background

Well, we are almost at the end of 2017, and this chapter in our lives will end.   I was talking to a friend of mine today, and we were talking about possibilities, opportunities, and lessons learned.   We each made a list of what we learned from this year.   We determined that respect, determination, and hard work were the keys for our survival.  Overall, it was a good year.

As you see this year come to a close, focus on what you learned and be thankful you are here to provide your own evaluation.   As you celebrate the coming new year, think about the opportunities and possibilities for 2018.   What do you want to accomplish? What are your dreams?  Take a moment and reply.  Let me know what some of your goals are for 2018.   Some of my goals are to release two new books, grow my coaching business, and take piano lessons (they say you are never too old to learn).

Reply in the comment section, and let me know what some of your goals are, and let’s make this a great year for us all.

New Year, New Opportunities, New Possibilities, New YOU!!!!!!!!

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall




2017 Year-In-Review. What Did You Learn?

Goals Key Representing Aspirations And Targets

Well 2017 is almost gone, and I am sure you have identified the good and the bad experiences for the year.   As I was conducting my own evaluation, I realize that this was not the ending but actually the beginning.   On January 1, 2018, we get to start a new chapter in the book that chronologizes our lives.   Therefore, I want to encourage you to celebrate the good experiences from 2017 and learn from the bad ones.   Do not allow the bad experiences to keep you from moving forward towards your future.

Thus, as we move close towards the end of the year, identify your goals for 2018, and apply the smart principle so it allows you to measure your success.   Take the lessons learned in 2017, and utilize them to help you achieve success in 2018.  The smart principle  is acronym that describes the following as it relates to your goals:

S = Specific  M = Measurable  A = Attainable  R = Realistic  T =  Timely.

By utilizing this principle, you can measure your success as we move throughout the year, and achieve what you desire.  The time is right to invest in yourself.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall