Create a strategy and turn the impossible into possibility.

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Yesterday, I attended my commencement exercise.   As I sat there waiting for my name to be called, I realized the impact of having a strategy.  I had earned my typographic-design-nothing-worth-having-comes-easy_fyH2bNdd_Ldoctorate degree, something that seemed impossible.   I remember people asking me why I thought earning this degree was necessary.   I began to reflect on the process, I realized that strategy was the key to success, and I want to share something with you..

The first month of the year is almost behind us, and it is important we review our plans for this year.   First, identify your strategy and make sure it is something you really want to achieve.    Second, determine what you must do to achieve success.   Third, identify people who can help with your goals.  Fourth, identify the people who will be hindering progress, and determine how you will manage them and stay on track.   Fifth, make a commitment and determine when the goal will be completed.   Finally,  begin to do the work necessary to complete your goals and see it through.  When you maintain the visualization of your dreams, you will never give up.  Soon you will be able to write completed in your list of accomplishments, and that you can turn the impossible into a possibility.

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Do you have a dream?


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Hello Everyone,

Today, we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and I wanted to talk about his  dream.   In his famous speech, he is talking about the life of minorities as he saw it at that time.   He dreamed of  better living conditions and better  opportunities.   He recommended we come together to solve problems, putting aside our differences.  This was necessary to make sure we all had an opportunity to succeed.

As we celebrate his life today, I want everyone to ask themselves a question.   Are you dreaming of a better life?   Are you doing what is necessary to move yourself forward?  Are you willing to impact the lives of others?  In his speech, Dr. King dreamed of a better life and today we must continue that dream.   By continuing the dream,  we strive to become better citizens finding value in ourselves and others.   Do you have a dream?

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


Evoke the spirit of your purpose

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Many of us struggle with following through living out our purpose, because we buy into the notion created by others, that we have no value.  On Monday, we celebrate the life of Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr, who spent his life championing for the rights of others.  We must continue to empower others, and help them see their value.  We must continue the dream.

Today, we must identify our strengths, define our purpose, and champion causes that uplift everyone.  It is important to understand, we all matter.   When we can see the gifts and values of everyone we make this world a better place.

This weekend, celebrate your strengths, celebrate your values, and decide that now is the time to follow your definition of success.  When you begin to value yourself, it is easier to encourage, uplift, and value others.  We must all evoke the spirit of purpose in ourselves and in others.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

A brilliant outlook

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Brilliant is a word that describes something bright or radiant.   It is a great word to use as an affirmation, because it can describe who we are or the person we are becoming.    Sometimes we have to experience pain in order to achieve a brilliant outcome within our reach.  One method I recommend this year, is to use positive affirmations to define who you are, or the person you are working to become.  The more you use positive words to describe yourself, the more the words become part of your daily mental routine.  Consider yourself a diamond that is being shaped, and after it is formed, it will have a brilliant shine.

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Are you using your funnel wisely?

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funky-funnel-icon_f1h_gpLd_LWe receive information 24 hours a day on religion, the music industry, politicians, sports figures, movie stars, education, and finances.   The amount of information is endless.  We have to use a funnel when processing this information. Notice, a funnel gets smaller the further it goes down.  Sometimes this is the strategy we must apply with information, because some of it is good, and some of it is bad.   As you continue to define who you are, and who you hope to be this year, use information received like a funnel.   Pour it all in, and what you need to keep will come out at the other end.   What will stay inside the funnel, is negativity, self-sabotage, doubt, insecurity, depression, and fear.   What is coming out of the funnel is hope, opportunity, support, grace, vision, clarity, and wisdom.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Are you allergic to success?


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I was reading an article on the internet about New Year’s Resolutions.   Many people create them, but often drop them by February.   I believe goals are important, because they provide a blueprint to follow, and encourage everyone to create them.  I have met people who have achieved success without them, because they knew someone or just in the right place at the right time.   However, I have also met people who I believe give up on goals, because they are allergic to success.

Success is tricky, because we often measure it based on other people’s success and not our own.  We also allow individuals in the workplace to diminish our value and skills, because they are threatened.  Finally, we stay in jobs we do not like because we are comfortable, or because someone has told us our success in their hands.

We may be allergic to success.   In order for us to move forward this year, we will have to embrace change and take a risk on ourselves.  We will must also, define our definition of success.

Therefore, do not become allergic to creating a better life for yourself, but become allergic to the people standing in your way.   When you see the haters or naysayers coming your way, move away because you do not want to catch what they have.   Surround yourself with positive people and know what the mind can believe, with hard work, determination and commitment; it can achieve.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


Find a Treat for 2018


Table with tarts with jam and cream, wooden background.

I made this statement for years,  if you pay your bills it was okay to treat yourself.   The treat was often related to going to the spa or hair salon.  My personal favorite, eating something that went against my diet.

One day I realized, after paying bills and visiting the nail salon, that the salon visit was not a treat.   I was using my discretionary income.  Also, eating too many sweets was simply bad for my health.

A treat is doing something outside the box for yourself, such as creating a new experience, starting your own company, or writing a book.  The treat is realizing that you are capable of more.   The treat is realizing you have hidden talents.   The treat is realizing you have a purpose.  Today,  think about what is missing in your life, and treat yourself to a new experience.  Once you experience your first treat, you will be empowered to treat yourself on a regular basis.  These new treats can change your outlook on life.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

2018 and no reservations


Success Pyramid Showing Vision Ambition Execution And Determination Well 2018, and this year presents an opportunity for us to write our book, start a new business, or find a new job.  However, with every new idea that is designed to move us forward, doubt can sometimes keep us from moving forward.

Listed below are three steps that will keep us on track, and we can complete our goals in 2018.

  1. Keep a positive attitude about success.   In order to move forward with our goals and dreams, we must develop a positive attitude.   Maintaining a positive attitude is critical, because when we encounter setbacks, we are still positive and hopeful about success.
  2. Find a mentor.  Mentors can provide feedback on your ideas, and coach you towards your vision.   Therefore, chose your mentor wisely.
  3. Visualize success.   When I was working on my doctorate degree, I visualized myself wearing the hat and the robe.  That visualization was important during the critical stages of completing the degree.   Create a mental vision of your idea, business opportunity, etc., and maintain that vision whenever you feel hesitant about success.

As we start navigating this year, we will experience doubt as it relates to our vision.  We  experience doubt because the vision is often greater then ourselves and benefits others.  However, if you can maintain a positive attitude about your opportunities, find a good mentor, and visualize success you can achieve anything you desire.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall