Look beyond the wall

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In a few days I will celebrate another birthday and I have taken some time to reflect on all the goals I accomplished this year.   As I reviewed this current chapter in my life, I recognized the impact of faith and the ability to see beyond the wall.  I also determined that one of my keys for success was positive thinking.

Let me share my version of a story I read, written by John Mason, a noted speaker and executive coach, with you.   A shoe manufacturer sends two salesmen to an Island to investigate and report back on market conditions.   The first salesman states, “no one here wears shoes, so there is no market potential, let’s look somewhere else.”    The second salesman calls back and says “there is massive potential here because no one here wears shoes; please send me some shoes right away.”   The story provides several examples.   The first example is one salesman lacked vision and could not see beyond what was in front of him.   The other salesman applied positive thinking, and looked beyond the current condition and saw opportunity.

When we are open to possibilities, we can expect greater success.  When we limit ourselves, we limit possibilities.   Every year, we add a chapter to the book which defines our lives, and it is up to us to add purpose and significance to our story.

When we operate from a point of limitations, we hinder our ability to achieve greatness.  As humans, we all may experience some setbacks, but it is how we respond to the setbacks that is extremely important.   As I evaluate my own chapter this year,  I had to look beyond the wall, and embrace possibilities.

Attached to this post, is a link to a podcast I released recently on, “Writing your story”.  Today, I want you to apply faith and look beyond the wall. Why? Because that’s where all the possibilities live.


Dr.  Regina Banks-Hall

How do you view success?

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The word success often confuses people.   Some people view success by the car they drive, the house they live in, or the people that they know.  Others view success through the lens of their family, happiness, and purpose.  Success for individuals involves a daily unveiling of our lives, and must be defined by our own definitions.   When we define success by others, we allow them to dictate our success.  The key is determining what is important to you and charting a course to fulfill your vision and goals.

For me, I believe that the true meaning of success is not attached to cars, or houses becuase they are things.   We can acquire them and also lose them.   Think about it, how many of us know people with enormous wealth, who are extremely unhappy.   They believe that they are hiding how they feel by using their wealth.  However,  the people around them often can see right through their mask.

Many successful people focus on the impact provided to others, based on what they have created.   Some examples are non-profits, youth camps, education, support groups, job creation, training opportunities, and access to information that improves a person’s standard of living.    These endeavors are important, becuase the goal is to change the lives of others.    Therefore, think about your influence, how you communicate and connect with individuals.   Think about how you add value to yourself and others.    Think about how you want to be remembered.  When you become pleased with your answers, you are defining your level of success.   My closing thought is, that if we are able to live a happy life and make the world a better place, we have achieved success.

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Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

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Fall Forward Your Purpose is Waiting for You.

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Often people focus on past mistakes becuase they believe that the past controls the future.   They allow the memory of past failures to hinder their future.  However, mistakes and past experiences are often the best teachers.  Think about it, people who have never made a mistake in their life, may not have made anything else.   Think about some people you know that are picture perfect.  I have learned from my past failures, that it was important to pick myself up, learn from the experience and keep moving.   I was not failing, I was falling forward.

Failure is a situation that can be corrected if the person who has failed is willing to push forward.  Thomas Edison who failed hundreds of times before he invented the light bulb stated, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  Some of the worst phrases we can make are as follows:  I could, I should, and I would.   The reason for these sayings, connects back to a fear of failure.  Therefore, set a goal to uncover the valuable lessons learned from your failures, and try one more time.  Remember you are not failing, you are falling forward.

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Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Four Habits of Successful People

The most successful people in the world did not arrive there by accident.  They rely on a belief system about who they are, and utilize a system that leads to success.   Listed below are four successful habits that I recommend you integrate into your life.

1) Believe in Yourself.
If you’re going to be successful in creating the life of your dreams, you have to believe that you are capable of success.   Without believing in you, it will be hard to motivate yourself to move forward.

2)  Set Goals
The brain is able to process goals, and when we place a goal in our subconscious mind, it will start the process towards achievement.  You will find yourself working towards your goal becuase you are thinking about it all the time.

3)  Strive for Excellence
Successful people know that if they want to excel in business, school, ministry, and life, they have to strive for excellence.  Striving for excellence requires that we go the extra mile, as it relates to our business, ministry, team, and family.   We recognize the importance of engaging in our profession with a spirt of excellence.

4) Act
Successful people create visions, set goals, affirm success, and believe in themselves.  They get up everyday and they set out with an attitude that they must make it happen.  They recognize that nothing will happen until they take action.

As you think about success today, remember to believe in you, set goals, strive for excellence, and act.   However, if you need some assistance in this area, know that we are here to help.  Please take a look at the video and contact us today, to begin the conversation.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall