Traits of High Achievers


Have you often looked at other successful people, and wonder how they have achieved so much success?  Surprisingly, the keys to success are often the same strategies for most people. Listed below are several characteristics of successful individuals.  Look at this list, and you will find that you too, can achieve the same level of success.

1. The first trait of high achievers is that they are ambitious. They believe they have the capacity to excel. They are risk takers and believe in the vision they have outlined for their future.

2. They remain committed to their goals. To reach success, we must remain committed to our goals and dreams. Therefore, you must believe in the product you sell, the company you own, or the vision you see for yourself. That commitment can be used as motivation for success.

3. Successful achievers are also consistent learners. When you are a consistent learner, you are always feeding your mind, new information. Successful achievers will also ask questions when seeking new information. By always feeding your mind new information, you are always ready to take advantage of new opportunities, and feel confident about your future.

4. Finally, success achievers, are willing to take charge of their lives. Whether you work for someone else or self-employed, you are in charge of your destiny. Therefore, it is important to map out a strategy for your life, stay committed to your goals and dreams.

When you begin to think like high achievers, your attitude, work ethic, and your goal setting strategies will change.  You soon discover, you are achieving the same level of success.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

What is Your Personal Development Strategy

Untitled design (5)Personal development focuses on activities that improve awareness, develop talents, potential, and enhance the quality of life helping individuals realize their dreams and aspirations. Personal development takes place over the course of a person’s life. Therefore, sometimes our plans can change and we must reevaluate our goals. If I am speaking to you, I want you to know; there is still time to make your dreams for improvement a reality.

In writing my first book, one of the strategies I implemented was learning from my mistakes, encouraging myself to move forward. I realized that if the dream was worth achieving, it was worth fighting for, and I pressed on towards my dream. I also only shared the dream, with a few people, I knew would support our dreams. I defined a strategy, set a target date for completion, and used positive reinforcements to stay encouraged.

Therefore, I encourage you to take some time, think about what you still want to accomplish this year, and put a plan in place to reach your goals. Sometimes, achieving things in life is all about creating a strategy, defining a plan, and execution. As we reach the end of this month, determine your strategy and execution strategy for achieving success.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

The Power of Your Mind

mwental makeoverUnderstanding the power of your mind is important. Your thoughts are powerful and they frame how you view your successes and failures. Through my own journey, I have learned how to carefully guard and discern the thoughts that I accept about myself. Over time I learned the key to success is developing a winning mentality.
Here are a few of my secrets for success.
1. Be care about the thoughts you accept. What you accept becomes the formula for your life. The Bible tells us, as a man thinketh in his heart so his he. Therefore, plant thoughts that allow you to develop and grow into the person you want to be.
2. Get rid of negative thoughts. Negativity can shape your outlook on life, how you interact with people, and handle situations. When you find yourself in the midst of trials, focus on how you will come out on top, and the lessons you will share with others after you succeed.
3. Plant positive thoughts daily. To change your mindset, you must see yourself as the person you want to be. Positive thoughts about your future and your goals, support inspiration, and can be the beginning of something great happening in your life.
4. Renew your mind daily. Every day, I focus on the value I want to bring others. I think about my goals, what I want to achieve and I continue to move forward. Therefore, fill your mind with thoughts that add momentum and create a cause of action. When you begin to see yourself in a different light, your thoughts about yourself and your possibilities will change.
Please watch this video of a lady following her dreams. Changing her thoughts and using the power of her mind, was one of the clear keys to her success.  80 year old bodybuilder
Dr. Banks-Hall

Transformational Leadership and you


Today, we need strong leaders who empower others to reach heights they never dreamed possible. Thus, a strong transformational leader can expand their capacity and move them beyond their day to day operations, and encourage them to focus on long-term strategies that garner success.
Leaders need to focus on developing a transformational leadership strategy that creates positive growth and engagement among everyone who crosses their path. Listed below are the 5 transformational leadership qualities that can have a huge impact on you, your organization, and business.
1. Define a clear vision:
Transformational leaders define a vision of what they want to achieve, and they have the ability to communicate this vision to everyone within their organization, or circle of influence.
2. Find the courage to embrace your gifts:
An effective leader needs the courage and willingness to embrace their uniqueness, make tough decisions, and step out on the ledge for something they believe in.
3. Self-motivation:
Transformational leaders are passionate and motivated, and attract others who feed off their passion.
4. Inspiration:
Transformational leaders, have the ability to inspire others and get them to buy into their vision
5. Set benchmarks:
Transformational leaders model a company standard that they expect everyone to follow. They clearly communicate their vision, expectations, and how this standard is to be carried out throughout the organization. Simply put, they don’t just “Talk the Talk,” they “Walk the Walk.”


Change Your Definition of the Word Failure


The word failure has been used to define the lack of success. The lack of success, is often associated to a person’s definition of success. For instance, Thomas Edison experienced many failures, before he finally experienced his break through, which led to the creation of the light bulb.  Had he not pressed through his adversities, he would have missed his moment, and his place in history.  Thus, failure, was a major contributor to his success. When you read about many famous individuals, you will find their stories have one common theme.  This theme involves starting over many times before finally achieving success.

In order to move forward in your journey, you must examine your setbacks and look for possibilities.  The setbacks you may have experienced, are only  opportunities to start over and achieve something great.  Failure is not fatal nor final, it provides a doorway to an opportunity that was previously, unseen.  Are you ready to start over and use your failures to create your success?