The Role of a Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms. Being a mom is a life-changing role that comes with responsibility and joy. It means nurturing, caring, and loving a child unconditionally. Being a mom involves more than just giving birth; it encompasses an committed grounded in the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of raising a child. Therefore, it is important to celebrate all the women, who have fallen in that role, serving as grandmothers, aunts, friends, cousins, sisters, and godmothers. For some, the teachers and counselors also serve in this role.

When you think about it, being a mom or serving in that role, is about guiding, teaching, imparting valuable life lessons, and instilling values and principles that will shape their character. It requires we serve as role models, lead by example, displaying kindness, empathy, and resilience.

Ultimately, being a mom is a lifelong commitment. This role transcends time, and the role model must weather the ups and downs associated with that role. For the mothers, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, godmothers, sisters, and family friends, serving is this role is a remarkable experience. Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy your day.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Let’s tell our stories.

Portrait of four successful women

Women’s History Month is celebrated worldwide to commemorate and encourage the study and celebration of women’s vital role in history. This celebration reminds us that by recognizing and honoring these accomplishments, we can continue building a better world for everyone.  The National Women’s History Alliance, which helped to spearhead the movement, has announced the women’s history theme for 2023, “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.”

Throughout the rest of 2023, the NWHA will encourage the recognition of women, who have been active in all forms of media and story telling such as print, radio, TV, stage, screen, blogs, podcasts, and more.  Here are three ways you can help recognize women accomplishments and share their amazing stories.

Host a book club

Host an in-person or virtual book club featuring books written by women or about women experiences.   Select a book that highlights how women have contributed to and inspired others to act. 

Volunteer some time to help others

This is a great time to help local shelters and community centers for disadvantaged women and low income women by volunteering your time.  

Mentorship for young women

One of the best opportunities we have during Women’s History Month, is the opportunity to inspire the next generation.  Take some time this month to encourage young women to pursue fields where women are currently underrepresented.. Through exposure to successful female professionals, young women can gain confidence and feel empowered that they can reach their goals. By highlighting female trailblazers we can spire future generations to dream big and believe they can also impact the world.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

History Matters

History is the knowledge and study of the past. History is the story of who we are, where we come from, and can reveal where we are headed.  February is, recognized as Black History Month and is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing our central role in the United States.  In 1915 Carter G Woodson and Jesse E Moorland founded the Association for the study of Negro Life and History. The organization sponsored a national Negro History week in1926.  They chose to host the event during the second week of the month, to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. 

This event inspired schools and communities to create history clubs, and host performances and lectures.  Mayors also issued proclamations recognizing this week of Negro History.  However, due to the civil rights movement, and the awareness of Black identity, many college campuses, began to engage in a month long celebration.  In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially designated the month of February as Black History Month.  Black History Month is now, celebrated in other countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 

Today Black History is a time for reflection.  However, it is also important, that we continue to share our history, and challenge individuals that would like to see our history disappear.  History matters, because when the right story is not told, individuals, may doubt or fail to recognize that their story really matters. 

It is important for us to study History, because it is essential for us to understand ourselves, and the world around us.  We when study history, we can also ensure that others, do not distort facts, to keep the truth from prevailing.  In addition, as we celebrate Black History, take time for reflection.  Take time to study the history of what has made the story of Black Americans, powerful, unique, sad, triumphant, and transformative, throughout the history of America.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall,

Determine how you will succeed in 2023

Well, can you beleive it? We are fastly approaching the end of another year. If you have not done so, I recommend you review the year, and identify key highlights. My highlights will include the things I am grateful for, lessons learned, new adventures, and challenges.

Evaulating the year, is very important as it relates to growth. We have to identify the good as well as the bad. The good experiences are a reminder of our success, goals achieved, and a sign we are moving forward. The challenges we experienced are, lessons learned, opportunities for improvement, and a reminder of growth. Growth is a great part of our awareness, and from that awareness comes true transformation. Finally, transformation allows us to move forward and experience a greater expansion of our lives.

I also recommend everyone conduct a personal SWOT Analysis, to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is an exercise, I love to use in classroom with students. When you can identify and understand these crucial areas, you can use this information to your greatest advantage, as you move through the new year.

Therefore, as we move through the final day of 2022, take a look back and identify some highlights. Conduct an analysis of your personal landscape, and decide what you will leave in 2022, and what you will take into the New Year. Celebrating the good times is always important. Learning from the challenges, helps to prepare us for growth, expansion, and success. Determine how you will succeed in 2023.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

New Year, New You

New Year Message

Hello Everyone, 2022 is here whether we are ready for it or not.  I used the weekend to reflect on 2021, and was reminded that time continues to pass on.  As I thought about time, I thought about the goals and dreams of 2021.  I took out my list, to see what I had accomplished.  I was proud of some of my personal and professional goals.  I also spent time reflecting on the goals I had not achieved, to understand how I missed the mark.   I saw that my successes were attributed to the constant reminder that I kept in from of me.  That reminder was the true purpose and importance of those goals.   

For the goals I did not achieve, I realized that I did not place them high enough on my list.  Somewhere, I had lost touch with how important those goals truly were.  So, now I will refocus, and use 2022, to achieve those goals.  I also gave myself a break about what I did not achieve, because the goals I achieved in 2021, were relevant, specific, timely, measurable, and attainable for 2021.   

Therefore, as you think about your 2022, cast a vision for what you want your year to look like.  Choose a word for the year, create a vision board, create a journal for yourself, and/or find yourself an accountability partner.  Someone, who will be accountable to you, and someone who will hold you accountable, as well.

The one takeaway from this post, that I believe is important, is that you find the best method that keeps your vision for 2022 in front of you.  

For those of you, that would like a deeper dive, I would like to invite you to my webinar on January 20th, entitled: “A New Year, A New You.”  In this webinar, I will provide you with some strategies on how to maximize your 2022.

Let’s start the year off by identifying our strengths, skills & knowledge to create the best year ever!

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Are you preparing for your opportunity?

American poet Amanda Gorman reads a poem during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 20, 2021. Patrick Semansky/Pool via REUTERS

Over the last two weeks, we have witnessed some major events in history.  We witnessed; the first female being sworn in as the Vice President of the United States.  Congratulations Vice President, Kamala Harris.  As I was celebrating the Vice President, those of us watching the inauguration, were introduced to a new star, a female poet by the name of Amanda Gorman.   Amanda Gorman, 22, performed an original poem, entitled, “The Hill We Climb”.   In her poem, she called for healing and unity, and celebrated the diversity of our Nation.  She also challenged us to rise to the occasion and live up to our highest ideals.

Amanda’s performance, and the depth of her words, has led to new opportunities.  She has recently signed a modeling contract with IMG Models, and she is scheduled to recite a poem at the upcoming Superbowl.  Her outstanding performance has caused the presale of her recent book to rise to #1 on Amazon, and now her other books have gained attention.

Amanda was ready for her opportunity, which has led to future opportunities.  If you heard Amanda share her story, it was not without struggle and obstacles.   She however did not let that stop her. 

For myself, last week, I had the opportunity to present my research on animated videos and storytelling at the Association of American Colleges and Universities annual conference.  Over the years, I have given many speeches and presentations.  However, this was a new one for me, sharing the stage with my Academic peers.  Since I have given the presentation, I have now been asked to share my research in Academic Journals, and to other educational institutions.  This has opened a new door for me.   

As I thought about Amanda Gorman, and myself, I was reminded that we must be ready for our opportunities.  We never know when a new opportunity will present itself.  Therefore, I want to ask you a few questions. “What are you doing to prefect your gift?”  “Are you allowing the negativity of others to block you?”  And finally, “Are you making sure that when opportunity knocks, you are ready?”

As individuals we will all have to settle these questions, as we pursue the achievement of our dreams.   The path is not always easy, and the work is hard, but it is our commitment, and being ready for our opportunity, that prepares us for that open door.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

How will you be remembered?

Etched into the stone on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a marker of the exact spot Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood to deliver the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in 1963 in Washington DC

Today, we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr. King was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1929 and died by assassination April 4, 1868 in Memphis Tennessee.   Dr. King was a Baptist Minister and lead the Civil Rights Movement from the mid-1950s until his death.  He advanced civil rights through nonviolence and civil disobedience.

He is often remembered for his “I have a dream” speech, but throughout his life he shared many words of wisdom.   Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from his speeches, books, and writings.  

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” 

Strength to Love, 1963

“We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.” 

Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” 

Strength to Love, 1963

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” 

—Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Oslo, Norway, 1964

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” 

Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

As I thought about Dr. King today, I thought about all the struggle for equality, and the fight to make life better for all.   I agree that we have made great strides, but we must continue so the dream of a better world never dies.  My mission is to use my gifts and talents to help others discover theirs.   I believe that when a person is walking in their purpose, they do not have time to hate, or mistreat others, because they are on their own mission of greatness.  So today, as you celebrate his life and legacy, I think it is important to think about your own.   How will you be remembered?   What will people say?  

I end with another one of my favorite quotes, by Dr. King, and that is “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

We all have to determine what matters in life, how we want to be remembered, and what impact do we want to make.  Therefore, make a lasting impact.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Smart Goals for 2021

Photo by Pixabay on

Hello Everyone, as you are moving through 2021, I wanted to share excerpts from a video I released last week on the Smart Goal Principle.   SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.  

Statistics show that many people will create new year’s resolutions in 2021, but by February, the resolutions will be forgotten.   The Smart goal principle will allow you to clearly communicate, document, and monitor, exactly what you want to achieve this year.  

The first thing you want to do, is to make sure your goals are specific.  A specific goal answers the question of who, what, where, when, and why.  

The second step requires you to measure your goal, thus a measurable goal allows you to track your progress and measure your success. 

The third step in the process is to identify goals that are achievable.  An achievable goal helps you determine if the goal is within your reach.

The fourth step in the process, requires you to create relevant goals.  Relevant goals connect to your larger objectives in life.   The goals are usually stepping stones to something larger you are trying to achieve.

Finally, your goals must be timely.  A timely goal has a deadline attached to it.  When you set a time limit on your goals, you can monitor your progress and stay on track for completing the goal.

By using the smart goal principle, you can construct goals that support your career, health, finances, relationships, and your personal growth this year.  This formula will also ensure that you create effective goals that produce the desired results.

As you prepare for 2021, set good goals and strategies for yourself.   Take what you learned in 2020 and use it in 2021.   With a little determination and perseverance, your success is guaranteed.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall