Maintain Your Momentum


As we continue down the path of success, we have to identify and celebrate causes that propel us, because they allow us to continue towards the life we desire. Here are some tips to continue your success

1. Set powerful goals.
Setting goals for ourselves are very important because it allows us the opportunity to measure progress. Goal setting shapes our dreams and gives us the ability to identify clear actions for achieving what we desire in life. Finally, goals are great because they allow us to stretch and develop in ways we never dreamed before. As we grow and stretch, what we do and the person we become, on our way to the top define our character.
2. Stay motivated
Make a decision to go all the way to the top. Make a decision to be the best at what you do, and get serious about achieving your mission. Maybe you have only thought about achieving your goal, but now it is time for you to go and get your success.
3. Stay inspired
We all know inspiration when we feel it. We can’t sleep, we forget to eat. Sometimes we write our ideas on paper, and whatever we can find. Eleanor Roosevelt stated, “We gain strength, courage , and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face..we must do that which we think we cannot do”. Inspiration is like a gentle push, that moves us forward.
4. Learn good habits.
Success individuals chose good habits over stagnation. As I was completing my doctorate degree, it did not seem like I was moving forward, but as I completed each class and looked back over my progress, I was moving forward. I was creating a process that was leading to success.
We can buckle down to achieve our goals, and make life a little easier or we can take the easy road, making it harder for ourselves. Remember our good habits will vary, therefore as individuals, we must see the ones that strengthen our confidence, and lead to a satisfying journey on the ladder of success.
5. Find some time for yourself.
As you continue down your journey of success, find 15 – 20 minutes for yourself. This helps to lead to a healthy life. Take a yoga class, read some new books, spend time with your children at the museum or a park. The key is to find time to let go of the stress, which supports you mental, physical and emotional well-being. You want to be around to achieve your goals.

Change Your Definition of the Word Failure


The word failure has been used to define the lack of success. The lack of success, is often associated to a person’s definition of success. For instance, Thomas Edison experienced many failures, before he finally experienced his break through, which led to the creation of the light bulb.  Had he not pressed through his adversities, he would have missed his moment, and his place in history.  Thus, failure, was a major contributor to his success. When you read about many famous individuals, you will find their stories have one common theme.  This theme involves starting over many times before finally achieving success.

In order to move forward in your journey, you must examine your setbacks and look for possibilities.  The setbacks you may have experienced, are only  opportunities to start over and achieve something great.  Failure is not fatal nor final, it provides a doorway to an opportunity that was previously, unseen.  Are you ready to start over and use your failures to create your success?

Obstacles are challenges, you can turn into a success story.

Today, I was headed back home from my anniversary celebration.  I was focused on the week ahead.  I realized I had many obstacles to overcome.   However, it dawned on me,that these were just challenges and after they were solved, opportunities.

In life, we encounter many obstacles that are really challenges.  These challenges test our faith, will power, and determination.   The difference between me, you and the next person, is the will to succeed.  Therefore,as you think about your obstacles, view them as opportunities for success.   Overcoming the obstacles, can lead to a new promotion, new book, new venture, or possibly a new job.   The success for failure lies in your ability to push forward.

Ask yourself, are you ready to succeed?

Words of Inspiration