What is Your Personal Development Strategy

Untitled design (5)Personal development focuses on activities that improve awareness, develop talents, potential, and enhance the quality of life helping individuals realize their dreams and aspirations. Personal development takes place over the course of a person’s life. Therefore, sometimes our plans can change and we must reevaluate our goals. If I am speaking to you, I want you to know; there is still time to make your dreams for improvement a reality.

In writing my first book, one of the strategies I implemented was learning from my mistakes, encouraging myself to move forward. I realized that if the dream was worth achieving, it was worth fighting for, and I pressed on towards my dream. I also only shared the dream, with a few people, I knew would support our dreams. I defined a strategy, set a target date for completion, and used positive reinforcements to stay encouraged.

Therefore, I encourage you to take some time, think about what you still want to accomplish this year, and put a plan in place to reach your goals. Sometimes, achieving things in life is all about creating a strategy, defining a plan, and execution. As we reach the end of this month, determine your strategy and execution strategy for achieving success.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

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