2017 Year-In-Review. What Did You Learn?

Goals Key Representing Aspirations And Targets

Well 2017 is almost gone, and I am sure you have identified the good and the bad experiences for the year.   As I was conducting my own evaluation, I realize that this was not the ending but actually the beginning.   On January 1, 2018, we get to start a new chapter in the book that chronologizes our lives.   Therefore, I want to encourage you to celebrate the good experiences from 2017 and learn from the bad ones.   Do not allow the bad experiences to keep you from moving forward towards your future.

Thus, as we move close towards the end of the year, identify your goals for 2018, and apply the smart principle so it allows you to measure your success.   Take the lessons learned in 2017, and utilize them to help you achieve success in 2018.  The smart principle  is acronym that describes the following as it relates to your goals:

S = Specific  M = Measurable  A = Attainable  R = Realistic  T =  Timely.

By utilizing this principle, you can measure your success as we move throughout the year, and achieve what you desire.  The time is right to invest in yourself.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall



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