Daily Prompt: Noise

via Daily Prompt: Noise



pexels-photo-210794.jpegNoise by definition is a loud unpleasant or distributive sound to our hearing. This loud distributive sound can be made by a person or thing. It is interesting to think about because, when I was a child, we learned how to sleep through noise. We acquired this skill because there were too many of us in the house, and quiet time just did not fit with our environment. Thus, we learned how to sleep through storms, babies crying, loud music, dishes rattling, etc.

Now that I am grown, I’ve had to learn how to tune out noise, so that I can stay focused on my goals. My definition of noise today is people trying to hold you back from your dreams, fear of success, or doubt about your own skills. People ask a lot of questions about why you want to go back to college, start a business, take a self-improvement course, etc. We allow their comments and opinions to create fear and doubt within us, which hinders our success.

We have learned to tolerate this noise, but now it is time to go on the offense and counter it. In order to counter this noise, we have to find positive words to motivate ourselves daily. Read books that uplift and inspire us. And above all, find good mentors who will encourage us and motivate us to stick to our plans. When we can learn how to counter an unpleasant sound with something positive, we begin to take control of the issue. In the end, we acquire a positive skill, that allows us to manage our situation and stay on track toward success. Today, evaluate the noise in your life and determine what needs to change.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

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