Look beyond the wall

man sneaking behind white louvered wall
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

In a few days I will celebrate another birthday and I have taken some time to reflect on all the goals I accomplished this year.   As I reviewed this current chapter in my life, I recognized the impact of faith and the ability to see beyond the wall.  I also determined that one of my keys for success was positive thinking.

Let me share my version of a story I read, written by John Mason, a noted speaker and executive coach, with you.   A shoe manufacturer sends two salesmen to an Island to investigate and report back on market conditions.   The first salesman states, “no one here wears shoes, so there is no market potential, let’s look somewhere else.”    The second salesman calls back and says “there is massive potential here because no one here wears shoes; please send me some shoes right away.”   The story provides several examples.   The first example is one salesman lacked vision and could not see beyond what was in front of him.   The other salesman applied positive thinking, and looked beyond the current condition and saw opportunity.

When we are open to possibilities, we can expect greater success.  When we limit ourselves, we limit possibilities.   Every year, we add a chapter to the book which defines our lives, and it is up to us to add purpose and significance to our story.

When we operate from a point of limitations, we hinder our ability to achieve greatness.  As humans, we all may experience some setbacks, but it is how we respond to the setbacks that is extremely important.   As I evaluate my own chapter this year,  I had to look beyond the wall, and embrace possibilities.

Attached to this post, is a link to a podcast I released recently on, “Writing your story”.  Today, I want you to apply faith and look beyond the wall. Why? Because that’s where all the possibilities live.


Dr.  Regina Banks-Hall

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