Celebrating Mothers


Mother’s Day is a time for honoring mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the impact of mothers in our society. In my previous Mother’s Day Messages, Posts, and Videos, I always include godmothers, aunts, cousins, teachers, grandmothers, and sisters. I wanted to remind individuals that Mother’s Day is not just a day for celebrating Mothers, but for honoring all the women in your life that have loved and supported you.

For some of us this year, due to covid-19, our celebrations will be different . Yet we can still honor our moms and others who matter. This weekend let your mom know just how much she means to you. Send a note to someone who has helped you, or who has played the role of a caring mother and thank them for their maternal bond. Call, or send a text to someone you have not spoken to in a while and brighten their day. In honor of Mother’s Day, I have prepared a video just for you.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

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