Change Your Definition of the Word Failure


The word failure has been used to define the lack of success. The lack of success, is often associated to a person’s definition of success. For instance, Thomas Edison experienced many failures, before he finally experienced his break through, which led to the creation of the light bulb.  Had he not pressed through his adversities, he would have missed his moment, and his place in history.  Thus, failure, was a major contributor to his success. When you read about many famous individuals, you will find their stories have one common theme.  This theme involves starting over many times before finally achieving success.

In order to move forward in your journey, you must examine your setbacks and look for possibilities.  The setbacks you may have experienced, are only  opportunities to start over and achieve something great.  Failure is not fatal nor final, it provides a doorway to an opportunity that was previously, unseen.  Are you ready to start over and use your failures to create your success?

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