Transformational Leadership and you


Today, we need strong leaders who empower others to reach heights they never dreamed possible. Thus, a strong transformational leader can expand their capacity and move them beyond their day to day operations, and encourage them to focus on long-term strategies that garner success.
Leaders need to focus on developing a transformational leadership strategy that creates positive growth and engagement among everyone who crosses their path. Listed below are the 5 transformational leadership qualities that can have a huge impact on you, your organization, and business.
1. Define a clear vision:
Transformational leaders define a vision of what they want to achieve, and they have the ability to communicate this vision to everyone within their organization, or circle of influence.
2. Find the courage to embrace your gifts:
An effective leader needs the courage and willingness to embrace their uniqueness, make tough decisions, and step out on the ledge for something they believe in.
3. Self-motivation:
Transformational leaders are passionate and motivated, and attract others who feed off their passion.
4. Inspiration:
Transformational leaders, have the ability to inspire others and get them to buy into their vision
5. Set benchmarks:
Transformational leaders model a company standard that they expect everyone to follow. They clearly communicate their vision, expectations, and how this standard is to be carried out throughout the organization. Simply put, they don’t just “Talk the Talk,” they “Walk the Walk.”


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