Find a Treat for 2018


Table with tarts with jam and cream, wooden background.

I made this statement for years,  if you pay your bills it was okay to treat yourself.   The treat was often related to going to the spa or hair salon.  My personal favorite, eating something that went against my diet.

One day I realized, after paying bills and visiting the nail salon, that the salon visit was not a treat.   I was using my discretionary income.  Also, eating too many sweets was simply bad for my health.

A treat is doing something outside the box for yourself, such as creating a new experience, starting your own company, or writing a book.  The treat is realizing that you are capable of more.   The treat is realizing you have hidden talents.   The treat is realizing you have a purpose.  Today,  think about what is missing in your life, and treat yourself to a new experience.  Once you experience your first treat, you will be empowered to treat yourself on a regular basis.  These new treats can change your outlook on life.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

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