Are you allergic to success?


Young african-american sick woman sneezing.

I was reading an article on the internet about New Year’s Resolutions.   Many people create them, but often drop them by February.   I believe goals are important, because they provide a blueprint to follow, and encourage everyone to create them.  I have met people who have achieved success without them, because they knew someone or just in the right place at the right time.   However, I have also met people who I believe give up on goals, because they are allergic to success.

Success is tricky, because we often measure it based on other people’s success and not our own.  We also allow individuals in the workplace to diminish our value and skills, because they are threatened.  Finally, we stay in jobs we do not like because we are comfortable, or because someone has told us our success in their hands.

We may be allergic to success.   In order for us to move forward this year, we will have to embrace change and take a risk on ourselves.  We will must also, define our definition of success.

Therefore, do not become allergic to creating a better life for yourself, but become allergic to the people standing in your way.   When you see the haters or naysayers coming your way, move away because you do not want to catch what they have.   Surround yourself with positive people and know what the mind can believe, with hard work, determination and commitment; it can achieve.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


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