Are you using your funnel wisely?

via Daily Prompt: Funnel

funky-funnel-icon_f1h_gpLd_LWe receive information 24 hours a day on religion, the music industry, politicians, sports figures, movie stars, education, and finances.   The amount of information is endless.  We have to use a funnel when processing this information. Notice, a funnel gets smaller the further it goes down.  Sometimes this is the strategy we must apply with information, because some of it is good, and some of it is bad.   As you continue to define who you are, and who you hope to be this year, use information received like a funnel.   Pour it all in, and what you need to keep will come out at the other end.   What will stay inside the funnel, is negativity, self-sabotage, doubt, insecurity, depression, and fear.   What is coming out of the funnel is hope, opportunity, support, grace, vision, clarity, and wisdom.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

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