Evoke the spirit of your purpose

via Daily Prompt: Evoke


Many of us struggle with following through living out our purpose, because we buy into the notion created by others, that we have no value.  On Monday, we celebrate the life of Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr, who spent his life championing for the rights of others.  We must continue to empower others, and help them see their value.  We must continue the dream.

Today, we must identify our strengths, define our purpose, and champion causes that uplift everyone.  It is important to understand, we all matter.   When we can see the gifts and values of everyone we make this world a better place.

This weekend, celebrate your strengths, celebrate your values, and decide that now is the time to follow your definition of success.  When you begin to value yourself, it is easier to encourage, uplift, and value others.  We must all evoke the spirit of purpose in ourselves and in others.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

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