Do you have a dream?


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Hello Everyone,

Today, we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and I wanted to talk about his  dream.   In his famous speech, he is talking about the life of minorities as he saw it at that time.   He dreamed of  better living conditions and better  opportunities.   He recommended we come together to solve problems, putting aside our differences.  This was necessary to make sure we all had an opportunity to succeed.

As we celebrate his life today, I want everyone to ask themselves a question.   Are you dreaming of a better life?   Are you doing what is necessary to move yourself forward?  Are you willing to impact the lives of others?  In his speech, Dr. King dreamed of a better life and today we must continue that dream.   By continuing the dream,  we strive to become better citizens finding value in ourselves and others.   Do you have a dream?

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


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