Create a strategy and turn the impossible into possibility.

via Daily Prompt: Strategy

Yesterday, I attended my commencement exercise.   As I sat there waiting for my name to be called, I realized the impact of having a strategy.  I had earned my typographic-design-nothing-worth-having-comes-easy_fyH2bNdd_Ldoctorate degree, something that seemed impossible.   I remember people asking me why I thought earning this degree was necessary.   I began to reflect on the process, I realized that strategy was the key to success, and I want to share something with you..

The first month of the year is almost behind us, and it is important we review our plans for this year.   First, identify your strategy and make sure it is something you really want to achieve.    Second, determine what you must do to achieve success.   Third, identify people who can help with your goals.  Fourth, identify the people who will be hindering progress, and determine how you will manage them and stay on track.   Fifth, make a commitment and determine when the goal will be completed.   Finally,  begin to do the work necessary to complete your goals and see it through.  When you maintain the visualization of your dreams, you will never give up.  Soon you will be able to write completed in your list of accomplishments, and that you can turn the impossible into a possibility.

Dr. Regina-Banks-Hall


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