Live Life to the Fullest

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Hello everyone,

Can you believe it, we are quickly approaching the end of the year.   Today, I had time to think about my 2018 goals and determined, that I had a pretty good year.   I began to think about all the goals I accomplished, and the few goals that are still on my list.   I realized that one of my strategies was living life to the fullest.

As I sit here thinking about what living life to the fullest truly means, I want to share my Version of this today.

  1. Do not allow others to control you.  It is important that you make the rules.
  2. Follow your own path.  Sometimes we allow other people’s opinions to derail our  progress.  We allow them to determine our steps.   When they determine your steps they control your destiny.
  3. Take chances on yourself.  One of my goals this year was to create an online course.  It required a lot of commitment but I finished, and now the course is available on Udemy.   Now I am working on my second course.   I took a chance on myself and it paid off.
  4. Identify something that scares you, and make a conscious effort to overcome it.   When you face that fear, you free yourself to move forward.   This may require a change in jobs, relationships or business opportunities.
  5. Let go of past hurts and mistakes, so you can grow.   At the beginning of the year, I put some experiences and some people behind me.   I knew that the only way for me to move forward with my business goals, was to let go of some pain and press toward my purpose.   It was the best decision I ever made.

As we wrap up the year, think about some of the things that you can still do to move forward with your life.   Make an effort to accomplish one goal and use that achievement as a jump start to your successful 2019.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Look beyond the wall

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In a few days I will celebrate another birthday and I have taken some time to reflect on all the goals I accomplished this year.   As I reviewed this current chapter in my life, I recognized the impact of faith and the ability to see beyond the wall.  I also determined that one of my keys for success was positive thinking.

Let me share my version of a story I read, written by John Mason, a noted speaker and executive coach, with you.   A shoe manufacturer sends two salesmen to an Island to investigate and report back on market conditions.   The first salesman states, “no one here wears shoes, so there is no market potential, let’s look somewhere else.”    The second salesman calls back and says “there is massive potential here because no one here wears shoes; please send me some shoes right away.”   The story provides several examples.   The first example is one salesman lacked vision and could not see beyond what was in front of him.   The other salesman applied positive thinking, and looked beyond the current condition and saw opportunity.

When we are open to possibilities, we can expect greater success.  When we limit ourselves, we limit possibilities.   Every year, we add a chapter to the book which defines our lives, and it is up to us to add purpose and significance to our story.

When we operate from a point of limitations, we hinder our ability to achieve greatness.  As humans, we all may experience some setbacks, but it is how we respond to the setbacks that is extremely important.   As I evaluate my own chapter this year,  I had to look beyond the wall, and embrace possibilities.

Attached to this post, is a link to a podcast I released recently on, “Writing your story”.  Today, I want you to apply faith and look beyond the wall. Why? Because that’s where all the possibilities live.

Dr.  Regina Banks-Hall

Four Habits of Successful People

The most successful people in the world did not arrive there by accident.  They rely on a belief system about who they are, and utilize a system that leads to success.   Listed below are four successful habits that I recommend you integrate into your life.

1) Believe in Yourself.
If you’re going to be successful in creating the life of your dreams, you have to believe that you are capable of success.   Without believing in you, it will be hard to motivate yourself to move forward.

2)  Set Goals
The brain is able to process goals, and when we place a goal in our subconscious mind, it will start the process towards achievement.  You will find yourself working towards your goal becuase you are thinking about it all the time.

3)  Strive for Excellence
Successful people know that if they want to excel in business, school, ministry, and life, they have to strive for excellence.  Striving for excellence requires that we go the extra mile, as it relates to our business, ministry, team, and family.   We recognize the importance of engaging in our profession with a spirt of excellence.

4) Act
Successful people create visions, set goals, affirm success, and believe in themselves.  They get up everyday and they set out with an attitude that they must make it happen.  They recognize that nothing will happen until they take action.

As you think about success today, remember to believe in you, set goals, strive for excellence, and act.   However, if you need some assistance in this area, know that we are here to help.  Please take a look at the video and contact us today, to begin the conversation.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


What Is Leadership?

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Today our conversation begins with a discussion on one of my favorite topics, leadership.   After earning a Doctorate degree in leadership, studying leadership theories, teaching courses, and writing about this topic,  I have found that one of the most interesting questions asked, is whether leaders are born or made.   What do you guys think?  Can a person be born with natural leadership skills?   Or through training and development, their leadership skills be developed?   Leadership is a process where an individual influences a group of people to achieve a common goal.   Through the leader’s style, the influence can be positive or negative.  Leaders are parents, teachers, professors, writers, pastors, radio show hosts, podcasters, coaches, etc.   As you can see the list is endless.   Therefore, I believe the following truly provides the best answer to this question.

I believe that some people have a natural ability to lead.   They were leading from their childhood.  They start out on the leadership curve, and over time their skills improve and expand.  Second, I believe that others can be developed into leaders through effective coaching and training.  However, I believe that the missing key when looking at leadership requires the leader to define it for themselves.   They must know what leadership means to them.   They must understand their style of leadership and also recognize that leadership is a two-way relationship between the leader and the follower.

Therefore ask yourself, am I transformational, autocratic, strategic, democratic, transactional,  servant, or a visionary style leader.  Finally, since I believe that leadership is a process, I believe that it opens the door for more leaders.  I believe the challenge for leaders and those who aspire to lead, is defining leadership for themselves and determining what type of leader they will be.

Best wishes as you begin your leadership journey today.

Dr.  Regina Banks-Hall




Simplify your life

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Hello Everyone,

Sometimes, activities such as cleaning the house, cleaning out the closet, going to work, going to church, or spending time with your family, can really complicate your life.  As you continue to strategize for 2018, I recommend 7 tips for simplifying your life.

  1. Be specific about the projects you want to complete and connect them to your overall goals for 2018.
  2. Review your 2018 goals at the beginning of each month.  This allows you the opportunity to track your progress, and make the necessary changes as it relates to your 2018 success plan.
  3. Create a morning routine that allows you to get out of the house on time.
  4. Pack lunches and layout wardrobes for you and the family the night before.
  5. Use a planner to track important family events.   This helps to make sure you do not miss something important to your family (baseball game, soccer game, recital, or spouse’s birthday), and it helps to make sure prioritize events.
  6. Carry a water bottle with you every morning, to make sure you stay hydrated.
  7.  Find 15 minutes throughout your day where you can listen to a podcast, audio book, or do something for yourself.   Fifteen minutes for yourself,  can help provide the energy you need to complete the rest of your day.

Simplify your life, and stay on track with your goals for 2018.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


Do you have a dream?


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Hello Everyone,

Today, we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and I wanted to talk about his  dream.   In his famous speech, he is talking about the life of minorities as he saw it at that time.   He dreamed of  better living conditions and better  opportunities.   He recommended we come together to solve problems, putting aside our differences.  This was necessary to make sure we all had an opportunity to succeed.

As we celebrate his life today, I want everyone to ask themselves a question.   Are you dreaming of a better life?   Are you doing what is necessary to move yourself forward?  Are you willing to impact the lives of others?  In his speech, Dr. King dreamed of a better life and today we must continue that dream.   By continuing the dream,  we strive to become better citizens finding value in ourselves and others.   Do you have a dream?

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall


A brilliant outlook

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Brilliant is a word that describes something bright or radiant.   It is a great word to use as an affirmation, because it can describe who we are or the person we are becoming.    Sometimes we have to experience pain in order to achieve a brilliant outcome within our reach.  One method I recommend this year, is to use positive affirmations to define who you are, or the person you are working to become.  The more you use positive words to describe yourself, the more the words become part of your daily mental routine.  Consider yourself a diamond that is being shaped, and after it is formed, it will have a brilliant shine.

Dr.  Regina Banks-Hall


Find a Treat for 2018


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I made this statement for years,  if you pay your bills it was okay to treat yourself.   The treat was often related to going to the spa or hair salon.  My personal favorite, eating something that went against my diet.

One day I realized, after paying bills and visiting the nail salon, that the salon visit was not a treat.   I was using my discretionary income.  Also, eating too many sweets was simply bad for my health.

A treat is doing something outside the box for yourself, such as creating a new experience, starting your own company, or writing a book.  The treat is realizing that you are capable of more.   The treat is realizing you have hidden talents.   The treat is realizing you have a purpose.  Today,  think about what is missing in your life, and treat yourself to a new experience.  Once you experience your first treat, you will be empowered to treat yourself on a regular basis.  These new treats can change your outlook on life.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

What is Your Personal Development Strategy

Untitled design (5)Personal development focuses on activities that improve awareness, develop talents, potential, and enhance the quality of life helping individuals realize their dreams and aspirations. Personal development takes place over the course of a person’s life. Therefore, sometimes our plans can change and we must reevaluate our goals. If I am speaking to you, I want you to know; there is still time to make your dreams for improvement a reality.

In writing my first book, one of the strategies I implemented was learning from my mistakes, encouraging myself to move forward. I realized that if the dream was worth achieving, it was worth fighting for, and I pressed on towards my dream. I also only shared the dream, with a few people, I knew would support our dreams. I defined a strategy, set a target date for completion, and used positive reinforcements to stay encouraged.

Therefore, I encourage you to take some time, think about what you still want to accomplish this year, and put a plan in place to reach your goals. Sometimes, achieving things in life is all about creating a strategy, defining a plan, and execution. As we reach the end of this month, determine your strategy and execution strategy for achieving success.

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Change Your Definition of the Word Failure


The word failure has been used to define the lack of success. The lack of success, is often associated to a person’s definition of success. For instance, Thomas Edison experienced many failures, before he finally experienced his break through, which led to the creation of the light bulb.  Had he not pressed through his adversities, he would have missed his moment, and his place in history.  Thus, failure, was a major contributor to his success. When you read about many famous individuals, you will find their stories have one common theme.  This theme involves starting over many times before finally achieving success.

In order to move forward in your journey, you must examine your setbacks and look for possibilities.  The setbacks you may have experienced, are only  opportunities to start over and achieve something great.  Failure is not fatal nor final, it provides a doorway to an opportunity that was previously, unseen.  Are you ready to start over and use your failures to create your success?